The Hunt Well Done

Harper | 01.02.2010 16.30

There was a great number of these… demons. Like apparitions they’d appeared from nowhere. Their red eyes was flickering with malice and cold anger.

«How dare you, mortals, cross our sacred lands?» – their captain asked us.

«But… But we… were… » – it seemed fear had devoured the mind of our poor leader.

«What a pathetic bunch of cowards!» – Dremora replied. And slowly added: «Hunt. Them. All.»

With these words daedra drawn swords, bows, spears. Their weapons were shimmerring lightly, like tiny bells.

Then there was a massacre. In just a minute our brave group was completely wiped out. The months of preparations – and all in vain. There was no one left alive, just me, the last man standing. Hastily, I retreated to some bizzare «tree», to cover my back.

They calmly surrounded me. Their captain said then: «Little man, the death is dancing near. Are you afraid of her presense?» His voice was distant, booming – and freezing the very essence of the soul.

I simply stared at him. Yes, I was preparing to die, but not without a last breath battle.

The captain silently looked at me for a few seconds. Strange smile started to crawl at his face. «Oh, but you want to take some of us with you? To the Hells, demons, yes?” – he coldly laughed. – “But we ARE in the Hells, fool!».

That was a bitter truth. I had no option, no back door. That moment, all my life had passed before the eyes, like some magical tale of times long ago.

And then I striked at the captain with my sword but – alas! – I missed him. Others of the Dark People simply watched, nobody moved a step. The captain seemed amused with my effort. I was attacking him again and again but he masterfully dispatched every blow of mine. Yes, he was a true swordsmaster. Eventually, it was he who sliced my leg with a skillfull maneuver. I dropped to one knee, bleeding and cursing Hells for my fate.

«Such a courage from such a fool… How interesting…” – the captain said, – “But foolish nevertheless». Then he added: «Da’arzar, slumber this cattle with you sorcery.»

He who captain called Da’arzar stepped ahead and began to draw some intricate patterns in the air. The Sleep spell. The world around me started to fade out and blur.

The last words I heard before embracing the blackness were: «You will serve me, little man. You will serve me well…»